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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Found this on the web....

Hetzer with open top and no gun. personel carrier?


  1. It the first version of the skip :-)
    It looks very odd...what are the metal bits on the side? Theylook like the sort fo frames for hanging anti-hollow charge plates or?

  2. Hi Paul

    there are holes running along the base of the hull where the anti hollow charge paltes sit in- the other frame is some sort of rack?

  3. Maybe it´s one of the rare observation variants or a recovery Hetzer without the planked Top with the crane. In case that it is a recovery-Hetzer, the racks on the Side were for wooden Planks.

  4. There was a version which had a 20mm flak38 gun, single barrel. It looked kinda like that, it could be one of those but with the gun removed or salvaged.

    Don't know what the racks are supposed for though.

  5. My guess is it's an ammo replenishment vehicle for the gun batteries


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