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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Centurian... an Australian story...

Centurian 169401
ADF early 60's
somewhere near Woomera in the South Australian desert....
Woomera was where the poms were testing H bombs
and they wanted to see the effect on a tank.

"hey aussie, can we borra one of yours...?

Post explosion- moved the tank 4 meters back and blew open or the engine covers
otherwise no structural damage!

the next series of pictures is dragging it out of the desert

Diamond T in the outback
What a diorama....whos your daddy!

Now the story gets really interesting....

a few years later there was a tiny little conflict just North of Australia which had a bit of interest around the globe...it was in a country called Vietnam

LBJ convinced Australia ( plus a few other countries) that it was under threat and they needed to support USA in their fight against C.

so the aussies sentt up a some troops supported by armour
23 or 33 Centurians- am sure some rivet counter will know how many

Of course we never had too many to spare downunder so....
Centurian 169401 was one of the machines sent up

In Bush in Vietnam

rare color shot on Da Nang highway
back in Australia after its service and about to be turned into a Gate Guard!!



  1. Hmm. Kind of reckless.
    Always "nice" to see how much the command cares for those who fight.

    Thanks for your very interesting post!

  2. Great stuff - wonderful history of that chassis.

    I understand that the Cents were pretty effective in the jungle with their beehive rounds too


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