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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More old vehicles

Here is something i found recently that may interest....

like old tanks being used as target practice they have found another use for vehicles....at the bottom of the sea as artiificial reefs! you woud think the metal woud have more value as scrap !

bet the M113 and Sheridan's last longest as they mostly aluminum!

sorry modelling has taken a back seat due to son's illness and business pressure!


  1. We have done the same with Frigates. Shocking waste of M113's. Some of those were the A3 version which is only about 20 years old. Shame.

  2. yes i agree, it does seem like a shocking waste- whilst one ship here and there doesnt seem excessive( which per tonne of steel probably is) this seems far more wastefull for some reason

  3. Well at least the US army FINALLY found a good use for the Sheridan (sad as that is).

  4. Is this really green solution(other than the paint on the tank)?


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