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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

YAR...look vat i found in my lake??

my blog has posted a number of tanks found in lakes- BT7 and a T34, now a KV1


  1. What!!! When? , who ? what ? where? This was sitting in a lake??
    There was a story some time back about an old boy getting his house and garden back that had been in the "killzone" between east and west germany and when he cut away the years of overgrowth found a T34.
    Why cant I ever find something like that!!?

  2. This condition after 60 years in a Lake!!! Amazing! Hope, if there are still tankers inside, that they´ll get an honourfull burial!

  3. It was actually pulled from the River Neva in 2003.

    You can go through the photos here http://www.nortfort.ru/np/foto_t382_e.html

    It's by the Nevsky Pyatachok (Five Kopek Bridgehead) have a look round the site they got an amphibious T38 from the same place.


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