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Thursday, November 4, 2010

What the hell do you do with them....

The left over horses and men from the Revell 105 German gun set-
the guns are set up for firing, so where and what do you use these guys for on a table battle?

i just painted them up and put them on a board!
these are doomed to gather dust at the bottom of the box!
(or is it off to ZEE Glue factoree? YARVOL)


  1. Very Nice. Good light makes a real difference to these photos.

    A lot of games you would need to move your guns into position or out of position depending on the circumstance.

    Again great work.

  2. That's a real nice paint job but alas I don't quite know what to do with them either

  3. thanks chaps

    am now taking the pictures in the sunshine to get better light, loks much better and shows the painting in more detail

  4. Very nice paint job.Revell really know how to make an artillary set.Living in England I am a bit stuffed for "sunlight" so I have to use good old lamp power.Sun light all the way.

  5. Great Work! I always buy this set because of the gunners and the sitting figures for my trucks. The rest will be sold at the bay. There is always someone who spends money for the coach and the horses!

  6. I too use the seated figures in trucks and kubelwagons. I believe the original set was made by Preiser but in 1/87.

  7. I'm tempted to use them as a transportation platoon for infantry by modding the wagon to be larger. Alternatively I'll rule that only an artillery battery which has a wagon attached may actually move the guns beyond turning to face the enemy. Really depends on what mood I'm in when it comes to writing rules.

    Since it's not towing the 105 I'm guessing you did like I did and worked a bit of knifey-magic to get two deployed guns out of the kit.

  8. Arqinsiel- yes i set up the 105s as deployed

  9. Hi!

    How did you you set up one gun firing?

    It is designed for transport1

    Thanks in advance!


  10. Gday MM

    In the kit comes 2 guns and 2 limbers

    so both guns have been set up for firing as i use them in battles on a table

    the above horses and limbers are a combination of both

    further back in my blog i have images of the guns set up firing- try and search and i will also try and find for you


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