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My kits are a mixture of plastic injection, resin and white metal. plenty of local Australian resin kits but also venerable Airfix and Matchbox models too....

Mainly European WW2 which first started out with US forces, then onto UK and then a smattering of Russian- but i realised i had to have someone to compete against..... so along came the Axis kits..

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

More from Kublinka....

CMP truck- note the WH plates on the front

Classic truck- noteice the Quad Maxim mount next door...
Serious fire fighting equipment
No idea what ths does
Rare Russian Churchill...
Classic cruiser
M3 Lee and note the tracks- no rubber
Ex Vietnam
M60 with blazer ERA- note the worn rubber on the tracks and how rough the casting is


  1. M48 ex South Vietnam, the USSR and East Germany got a Battalions worth of these and M151's, M113s, and possibly M107 SPGs in the late 1970's to use against the West in a role of deception similar to the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge.

    M60A1 Blazer, captured 1982 (probably) in Lebanon, shipped back to USSR for trials...the worn rubber is actually from the tank being on fire.

    Nice photos David.

  2. That's not an optical weapon on that Soviet tank is it?

    Or some sort of infra-red searchlight???


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