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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is a model ever really finished?

I have never been happy with the Airfix Sherman Crab and its flail chains

no detail and they just looked like the bristles on a broom
So i decided to cut them off and add real chains
its a work in progress- they need to be painted and i need to find the little flail balls that fit to the end of each chain...


  1. Epic

    I have similar feelings and may well follow suit

    Where did you get the chains?

  2. thanks lads

    Geordie- the chains are ships model chains, left over from a boat i made many years ago. they are a bit over scale- but look the part. my problem will be the balls on the end,finding something and then attaching is going to be fun!!

  3. A trick I picked up a few years ago for chains:

    Find a hippy bead store. They have rolls of cheap metal chain there going for buttons a and a pile of random stuff to use for battlefield debris.

    For finishing these chains up I'd say add some little balls of modeling clay or solder. No need to paint them, they look good as is and do you really want the hassle of making paint look like the metal you just covered?

  4. fantastic advice- thanks for it. the balls of clay are an excellent idea.

  5. Now my crab tank looks crappy, I suppose I will have to follow suite. Nice work and ideas.

  6. Excellent idea for added detail

  7. Looks great like that David.

    I replaced the plastic chains on mine too, but made the mistake of using twisted wire, it didn't come out half as good as yours.

  8. Thanks MZ

    another place to buy chains is a second hand market- there are many here in Australia- run on weekends in car parks where people come to sell there second hand crap- there are always heaps of old necklacdes for sale

    my chain is slightly over scale for 1/76th but i dont care

    once again THANKYOU to all who participate and comment on my Blog

    the PC has been out of service for a week- down loaded a virus and had to get a technician over to restore it- $$$$$


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