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My kits are a mixture of plastic injection, resin and white metal. plenty of local Australian resin kits but also venerable Airfix and Matchbox models too....

Mainly European WW2 which first started out with US forces, then onto UK and then a smattering of Russian- but i realised i had to have someone to compete against..... so along came the Axis kits..

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Allied Recce......

3 armoured cars
Classic plastic Humber from Matchbox
the Humber and Staghound are both resin kist from downunder
and an old crusader turrent turns the staghound into a heavy hitter!!
(the staghound is probably my most favourite kit and finish)


  1. Did they ever fit a crusader turret to a staghound? (looks cool regardless)

  2. yes most certainly they fitted the turrets to a staghound

    staghound 1- was the turret above- 37mm gun
    staghound 2- was a twin 50 cal turret which was open to the elements
    staghound 3- was the crusader turret

    the after the staghound they developed the Boarhound.........

  3. Crikey, Crusder turret on a armoured car! I have learnt something once again.

    Nice looking kits.

  4. Well impressed

    They never seemed to stop fiddling with the Staghound

    2mgs were deemed better than that silly 37mm

    The 6pdr Crusader turret was a desparate effect to get some ummph even if it looks ungainly

  5. The Mark 3 is good on the table as its got plenty of speed and can zip up on the side of a tiger or panther where the 6pdr can penetrate side armour
    ...and they are cheap to buy with points!! much cheaper than a Sherman etc etc


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