I have been modelling 1/76th for many years and hope you find my kits and wargaming interesting and an enjoyable surf!
Bear with me as i get my camera abilities better.

My kits are a mixture of plastic injection, resin and white metal. plenty of local Australian resin kits but also venerable Airfix and Matchbox models too....

Mainly European WW2 which first started out with US forces, then onto UK and then a smattering of Russian- but i realised i had to have someone to compete against..... so along came the Axis kits..

Click on the pictures, they expand and provide better detail.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the positive comments

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recce Squad

Fast and manoueverable, plenty of MGs and are great for the board and zooming up to ambush positions
(these guys have seen plenty of action and are preety beaten up nowadays- lots of glue repairs)


  1. Like the bikes, I have a couple of companies too, got really enthusiasic one day and made dismounted infantry in Greatcoats to match.

  2. thanks Al- i havnet shown many pictures of my men as i have really really struggled taking pictures of them...will get it right one day!!


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