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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Australian Innovation....

The Austrlain engineers altered a few half tracks by adding a Bofors onto the back for use in the Pacific.
I think they called it an M15 Special (happy to be corrected)
Again this is a Airfix halftrack with 40mm mount on the rear


  1. Cool model, have you ever used it in a game, did they have them on Tarakan?

  2. Al, the only information i have on them is used in the Phillipines

    yes have used it in a couple of game

    like the US learnt years after with the Duster- the high rate of fire from the 40mm makes a mess of charging Japanese infantry

    also most of the Japanese armour didnt stand up too a 40mm HE round either

  3. From what I've read on this beastie , it was developed by American engineers in Brisbane in WW2 , after the project was abandoned in the USA
    They were used against stationary ground targets like pillboxes , caves , mg nest etc to great effect by the American in New Guinea and the Phillipines / Luzon / Villa Verde Trail

    "For patrol work, you can't beat it. Our procedure was to report where we were going before we left the lines, then keeping in touch with the gun sections by radio. When we ran into machine gun nests, we pulled back, ordered fire, and then those forties would plaster the hell out of them. I give the Bofors credit for knocking many of them out. Besides this, for morale purposes it is absolutely invaluable in support.
    The crews were well-trained and placed the fire just where we wanted it."

    Lt. William B. Crabbe, I&R Platoon, HQ Co., 127th Infantry, 32d Infantry Division, Luzon

  4. Steve

    thanks for the info- very interesting and adds to the knowledge bank


  5. No worries , I'd never seen one til I visited your site , would make a great model in a larger scale for me , I like a good Bofors

  6. yes it would be a good conversion in 1/48th or 1/35th scale- but thats not my scale


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