I have been modelling 1/76th for many years and hope you find my kits and wargaming interesting and an enjoyable surf!
Bear with me as i get my camera abilities better.

My kits are a mixture of plastic injection, resin and white metal. plenty of local Australian resin kits but also venerable Airfix and Matchbox models too....

Mainly European WW2 which first started out with US forces, then onto UK and then a smattering of Russian- but i realised i had to have someone to compete against..... so along came the Axis kits..

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Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the positive comments

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recently finished GI's

Some old and some new images
and am apologising for my pictures as i still cannot get infantry pictures right!!


  1. Damn yankees! These look good, I always take a few different shots from different angles, so as to get the lighting correct, once thats sweet I remember for next time...I think thats the key, lighting.

    In saying that I tend to just use my cellphone camera most of the time which suits my purpose most of the time.

    Keep em coming!!

  2. thanks Paul

    i use a fairly good digital camera and have mastered the machines- now just need to get men in my sights...

  3. Nice David. What rule set do you base them for?

  4. Good weathering effects
    I like them :)

  5. thanks for the comments guys- nice to hear feedback
    its winter down here and as such i havent ventured into the man cave for a while! too cold at night

    rules- i use the old old old Airfix wargamming rules. simple. quick and easy for me to understand
    i have downloaded plenty of other rules to use but...being half slack, alwasy revert back to the old Airfix book
    (its got a lot of modified variants on it- IE- it never catered for a Sherman caliope or the 380 mm rocket from a sturm tiger- on that second point the blast radius measures to 60cm!!!)

    any thoughts Al on some simple one on one rules to replace what i use??

  6. Sorry mate, I've only ever used CD which allows for reasonably big engagements. Was just wondering, as some people seem to have massive collections that they never get to use because their rule sets are 1/1.

  7. yes with my collection its all 1 to 1

    no idea about which or what with the other styles of rules- i started doing this in late 70's as a young kid and went to a wargamming club in Melbourne, australia- wonderful memories and the aifrix rules were the standardized club rules after that -i did what all blokes do...go into model hibbernation when women come along!

    strangely NO models exists from this period yet i have the book still-

    now as a converted modeller with new interest( oh and permission) it became the deafult rules in my man cave!

    i suppose when you know the rules cover to cover its also easier(or lazier) to just keep using them!


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