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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tigers and Sherman's

Not much excitment here readers-
its a WIP and just some shots of the 'magazine edition' tigers and shermans that am roughening up and repainting to look more realistic
These are the discast 1/76th models bought in a weekly magazine
The tigers will be sandRau  only
Shermans will just be olive green

Strange choice of sherman here-
given so many options of shermans that they could reproduce
and they choose the 105mm howitzer version- odd....

Stay tuned for the finished kits soon
(and yes- for all those that read to the bottom of my blog...
this feels like cheating, very odd feeling buying them pre made and then repainting!!)


  1. It's not that odd a choice when you consider how few Sherman 105 kits there are out there. Offhand I only know of the Armourfast doublepack. Plus the magazine run will extend into the late 50's last I checked, with weird stuff like the LVT(A)-1 (Amtrac with Stuart turret.... yeah) or repaints of previous tanks. I find it's handy to be able to pick and choose what issues to buy, as I have zero interest in moderns - that's how I got my first Cromwell and my only Crusader. Also a local newsagent has a tendancy to sell off back issues cheap, so I get them for less than an Airfix kit would cost.

    My only regret is not going with my initial gut feeling and getting four Tigers when the magazine came out.

  2. Meh, factory paint is always kinda disappointing (though I agree, it does feel odd to be priming a fully painted model sometimes).

  3. Well if you paint it is not cheating. :)

  4. thanks for the responses chaps.also the back issue comment is terrific -something i will certainly look into.

    long weekend here in Australia- celebrating Anzac day- commemorates Australian and New Zealand forces landing at Gallipoli in WW1 and also all subsequent wars Australia has fought in...
    wife packed off to friend interstate and all children tended too or ensconced with relatives- THATS MEANS THE 'MAN CAVE' IS CALLING!!! LOL


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