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My kits are a mixture of plastic injection, resin and white metal. plenty of local Australian resin kits but also venerable Airfix and Matchbox models too....

Mainly European WW2 which first started out with US forces, then onto UK and then a smattering of Russian- but i realised i had to have someone to compete against..... so along came the Axis kits..

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glider Red Devils

Horsa Glider in D Day stripes with glider troops exiting, dispersing and advancing into contact


  1. thanks

    I picked it up at a model swap meet down here and was only a $5 buy- good bargin

  2. cheers

    its strange to buy an aircraft after so many years of vehicle building, so hard not too muddy it up etc etc

    but its great to fly it in and land 30 odd troops behind lines in a game and upset my opponent!! LOL

  3. my son- the opponent always has good luck with the dice when using his quad 20mm against the incoming glider
    its not uncommon for him to take it out as it glides in! little bugger he is


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